Avon Gorge

Bristol, UK

I am a Bristolian.

I have lived in Bristol for my entire life, 23 years at time of writing. In these 23 years I have experienced near everything it has to offer and yet I have never felt bored of this city.

A perfect example to help explain my recurring attraction to Bristol is the natural beauty of the Avon Gorge. Perhaps most famous for the Clifton Suspension Bridge that spans it, the gorge itself is even more impressive than the man made structure built to cross it. At 1.5 miles long it is by no means the largest natural formation in the world, but being just a stones throw from the centre of the city creates a special atmosphere that I have not felt recreated anywhere else. Whenever I visit the gorge I am still amazed, and proud, that something so incredible can exist in  the heart of my city.