Chew Valley Lake

Somerset, UK

Images: George Bale     Words: Aiden Harmitt-Williams


In between them was I,

a stranger amongst this marriage.

I stood long and thought hard

of any theories I could salvage

for the reason for natures guard.

Behind and around me were trees,

surrounding me so tall they stood.

The air in the mornings was cold

and the mist lay thick as tar in the wood,

converging together two friends of old.


Still I pondered on the wall,

this mist which did thwart my quest --

to find out what was behind it

preventing my journey far west

for fear of what did lay beneath it.

As much as I tried to see

what was lost before my view,

the mystery remained strong.

No telling when answers due

amongst that wooden throng.


Stuck in its vacuum I traversed the unmapped land,

lost in a world untold with no regret.

Having mastered my fear I returned not the same,

earning myself the "brave" epithet

knowing never to be afeared of the unknown again.

The longer I lingered, the mist crept furthermore.

Knowledge of the unknown enticed me

as it stared into my eyes, and I stared back

losing myself wondering what it could be

as it sang a siren song about what I lacked.