Images: George Bale     Words (in Goya Magazine): Aiden Harmitt-Williams

Shot for Goya Magazine, with words from Aiden Hermit-Williams, Lego takes a nostalgic look back at one of the most inspiring and creative toys everybody has owned or played with. It is truly incredible how something so simple as a small plastic brick can delve so deep into ones imagination, both as a child or as an adult.

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There is a trend in the streetwear world that is used by individuals to showcase the items that they carry with them and deem essential to their everyday lives. As simple as this sounds sometimes the meaning of the word essential appears to have been lost as I have seen gas masks, action figures and Bruce Lee’s "Game of Death" nunchakus included in peoples collections. Now I can understand that if you are in fact Bruce Lee you might deem nunchakus essential, but this was in the collection of Joe Hahn (Linkin Park’s DJ), so I think something is wrong.

Essential should mean an item you physically cannot leave the house without, something that if you did not have you could not go about your daily routine. For me my iPhone, glasses, wallet and water bottle create my essentials, and that is pushing it as I could buy water while I am out if needs be. With this collection of photos I wanted to show what different people really do deem essential, so I limited the item count to four and emptied their pockets.

Alongside photographing the personal items people carry I also photographed four items that they use within their profession. Imposing the limit on items really made people think about how they could complete their jobs with the minimum number of tools. 

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Timeless Fashion

Fashion is an ever-changing industry where styles can come and go in a matter weeks and wearing last seasons clothes can almost be social suicide in some circles. At the highest tier of fashion it is all about who you are wearing, not what, that makes the difference.

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"It is strange how something so simple can hold such powerful emotion. It is a device that holds one purpose, to tell the time, and yet is still relevant and important in a world where any phone or computer will do the same and more. This point is becoming more important in recent months with the arrival of the Apple Watch and other ‘smart watches’.  Along with telling the time these devices have the ability to read heart rates and monitor your fitness, receive emails, texts, and phone calls, connect you to the internet, take photos and even let you play games."

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Gabi's Shoes

"The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole". - Oxford

I chose to represent time in a set of images by focussing on the term 'progress' and did this by looking at a small portion of one girls collection of shoes. I do not expect Gabi has ever thrown away a pair of shoes and I do not think it because of the stereotype of women and shoes, but because of her attachment to each and every pair. All shoes photographed in this collection have been selected to show personal milestones, in everything from dance to graduating from university aged 19, and also changes in style.

There is the saying that a pair of shoes can define a man, but I think it takes a whole collection of shoes to just scrape the surface of who a girl really is.