Coffee table magazine showing a wide range of subjects throughout the travel and lifestyle world.

128 pages, printed on 100% recycled paper and perfect bound.

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"Goya is a publication that aims to showcase what I can produce as a creative. Having studied photography for a number of years, covering many disciplines, I wanted a way to bring it all together and in a way that can include images from across my varied style. The mixture of travel and lifestyle was key for me; growing up with a love of the outdoors it was only a matter of time before this came through in my photographs. While technical skills I have acquired through study and personal experience allow me to enjoy creating still life imagery when it is time for me to come inside.


This publication was produced during my final year of study and is very important to me as a physical representation of the time and effort spent throughout the previous years. One of the lessons I have learnt in this time is that less is often more and that simplifying things can often bring the best results. All of the work in this first edition of Goya has been created to fit loosely around this theme of simplicity, in both content and design.


A large portion of the publication has been centred on the Canadian town of Whistler. The section Thaw explored first hand how the surrounding area is affected by the snow turning to water; a common occurrence, but one that has huge consequences on the environment and the local way of life.

Nothing shows the theme of simplicity better than the short study of Lego, the limitless creation that stems from one small plastic brick can really push the imagination of even the most boring adults.

Also included is a running series on simple foods, with easy recipes that add just a little bit more to the basic dishes, a different look at camping, analogue wristwear and much more.


Creating this has been an amazing experience and I hope you enjoy reading through the first edition of Goya."


George Bale